Below the Hand of Algaboath

Veronica and I have been a couple for quite a long time. However Veronica had a strange obsession with a being… a being that might only exist in her mind. It’s name, Algaboath.

It all started one day, when I was working in my office. Veronika was working in the desk in front of me. I was often mesmerized by her beauty, so I decided to make my move. I asked if she had any plans, and she declined. So it was a date! As we walked home it began to rain hard. The thunder started to roar about the skies. Since her house was closer to mine, we decided to go there. We laughed with relief when we entered the house. “Looks like Algaboath is angry,” she told me. I asked what she spoke of, and she said it was her friend, which you can see in the skies. I told there was nothing in the sky, and she told me, “You cannot see him because you do not have the eyes to see him.”

She noticed that I was confused, so she told me to follow her to the basement. There were these strange paintings scattered about. They depicted of a strange celestial beings with my appendages, floating uncannily in the skies. They had many eyes. I asked Veronica what they were. She said they were Algaboath. As she showed me the other paintings, there was one hidden that caught my eye. It depicted a infant looking being, with a deformed head, I stared at it for minutes, which felt like hours. It was incredibly disturbing. Especially its eyes, which had spiralling pupils, and tentacular eyelashes. Even though it was disturbing, her artstyle was beautiful, but she definitely had a sinister obsession with the creature.

Several months later, she was pregnant, and we were married. That night, I woke up, and Veronika wasn’t in the bed. I had to go eat something quick. As I went downstairs, light emitted from the basement. I descended to find Veronica painting in the middle of the night. I was very uncanny, her face looked like she hadn’t been sleeping. Her face was very pale, her eyes heavy, with bags under her eyes. I urged her to get some sleep, and she went upstairs after I constantly told her to. When I looked at the painting she painted, I stopped, and nearly vomited. It was nauseating. It was a painting of a nearly anorexic being with a swollen head. It had many eyes with spiraling pupils, and tentacular eyelashes. It was eating a rotten apple with its nearly mangled mouth. It sat atop of several human bodies with distorted faces as well. I ran away from the horrible room, and fell to blank out.

I woke up on my bed with Veronica next to me. Could it have been a dream? No… It felt too real. I Backed away from Veronika’s radius, and thought to myself, how can such luxury contain such a sinister interior. The next day I had to pick up something. The traffic was incredible, but I managed to go to the market at last. But there was something strange in my vision. Everywhere I looked, I saw that damn eye. I tried to ignore it, but the more I did the more it intensified. I crashed in someone’s car distracted by the eye. I quickly rushed out to see if the guy was harmed. But his face, so horrible, so disfigured! It was horrible, and I turned and ran back home.

After running a mile, I finally reached home, I stopped to catch my breathe, but noticed a strange black fluid trickle in the floor. I looked up, and there he was. Great Algaboath stared down at me, with his amorphous body, and mangled face. It had many eyes, and its arms stretched from the horizon. It was large, so large.

“What is it you want from us!” I screamed aloud, but no response came from the mighty creature. I had to go get veronika! I had to get her. I entered my house and went upstairs, and stopped, to find my wife engulfed in blood. There was a strange sign in the floor, surrounded by candles.

“It is done Great Algaboath, It is done,” she said, only to repeat it several times. Her hands were covering her stomach which was impaled with a knife. The baby…

“What is done?! What have you done?!” I asked her.

“The seeds are planted…” She said, with a crazed smile. She began to laugh maniacally, and my eyes were filled with deception. I was flabbergasted, but as she opened her eyes, they were those horrible spiraling eyes with tentacular eyelashes. I screamed, and snapped, I grabbed the knife and stabbed her to death. I just sat there covered in her blood, staring at her lifeless corpse. But then she started to move. She stood up with an expressionless face and pointed toward the bathroom door. I had no words, my mind, blank. But I followed her gesture. She then collapsed to the ground like a puppet. I slowly approached the bathroom, to see a baby carriage. I looked into it… but I regretted it greatly.

I stopped and vomited again. I never seen such a horrible creature in my life. It looked like an infant, with a mangled face, with several appendages and tentacles, it slithered uncannily, until I couldn’t look anymore. But it was our baby.

But then, its face morphed into a more humanoid face, and it spoke,

“Why? Why must you kill mother… she was the key, to become one with Algaboath. Mother was so caring for him and for you.”

“Shup up!” I cried, it filled my mind with regret and grief.

“Look in the mirror, what do you see?” It said, “A simple human? So dumb, so insignificant. Mother was your change to ascend, But you slayed her, and you  will stay here forever in this prison of a world, and you will suffer. Especially now that your eyes are open. Now that you see the truth, you will be surrounded by lies.”

I looked in the mirror, and I saw my face, it had Spiraling eyes with tentacular eyelashes. In the reflection I saw Algaboath in the window, staring at me, with his beautiful mesmerizing eyes. And now I wake, in an asylum, painting a painting of Algaboath’s past victims.

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