Why you should read Homestuck (review)

Homestuck is a popular webcomic written, illustrated, and written by Andrew Hussie in the website, Mspaintadventures.com. It is pretty much either hated or loved. It tells the story of four youngsters who play a video game called Sburb. This video game alters reality and pretty much dooms the Earth. Homestuck is one of the longest and the most popular webcomic on the internet. It is finally reaching it’s end after 6 years of updating and it has currently over 9’000 pages.

Homestuck’s format is different from other webcomics. Every page is a single frame, usually animated, with a paragraph or sentence underneath. The dialogue is handled through “spoilers” which you click to open and a block of paragraphs will come out to show what the characters are saying. Some of the pages have 3-5 minute cutscenes which is fully animated with flash, usually to illustrate important events that take place, with original Homestuck music from the Homestuck albums, which where composed by a music team. Some pages are even video games, also made in flash.

My opinion on the comic:

Its Amazing… The story, the characters, the world and the central Idea itself. Though the idea of being trapped in a video game has been done before, Homestuck still does this extremely different. The story and world is actually a mess, but in a good way. While you are reading you would find yourself wondering what is going on, but everything will be explained later on.

The story is filled with Mind-blowing plot twists and revelations. This has to do with the complexity on the story. The story has a lot of time-travel, and paradoxes, so you will see several random things occuring but eventually everything will connect and fall into place. One of the biggest flaws of Homestuck is the incredibly slow-pasted first chapters, filled with humorous and stupid things happening.

The reason it is so slow is because of the way Homestuck started. It was supposed to be a interactive story which the readers get to tell the characters what to do, and the author shows what happens following the reader’s instructions. Skipping the first two chapters is considered taboo in the fandom, because you won’t understand what’s going on later on. It is somewhere around the 4th chapter where the story begins to get good. At this point, the author decided to remove the interactivity and completely control the story. This is when the story steps up a notch and becomes more action packed.

The Characters

The characters are one of the strengths of Homestuck. Especially the Trolls. While the kids are playing the video game they begin to get “trolled” by a group of 12 Trolls. The trolls are then discovered to be actually an alien species named trolls, and then they begin to cooperate. Every single troll is characterized by the 12 Zodiac signs. There are many connections to the zodiac signs. There are also cherubs but I do not want to spoil much.

The initial four kids start out being pretty generic. Like John, the geek/nerd, Rose the goth chick, Dave the cool guy with the shades, and Jade, the weak shy garden girl. They also are symbolized with signs. John’s sign is slimer from ghostbusters, which symbolizes his addiction to movies, Rose is a squiddle, which is a stuffed animal which looks alot like a skull, which…well she is a goth girl. Dave has a DJ disc for turn tables. This symbolizes his coolness, and his DJ skills. Jade’s sign is pretty random because she has more than one. But her most used one and more iconic is the outline of her dog’s head.

Believe it or not, their signs actually foreshadow events that occur later on in the story. But I do not want to spoil them.

There are also beings known as Carapacians who are chess-based entities which are spawned within the player’s session of the game. Even though Sburb is a game, the NPCs (non player characters) are actually living beings.

There are MANY antagonist, but we even LOVE the antagonists. Some are extremely badass, and some are comically twisted. Speaking of characters and antagonists. You are not SAFE, there will be death. Alot of it.

The World

The world of Homestuck is very abstract and symbolic. The kids when asleep would wake up in a planet known as either Derse or Prospit. Derse is for Dave and Rose, and Prospit is for Jade and John. Prospit and Derse are the kingdoms of two kingdoms inhabited by black (derse) and white (prospot) carapacians. Both planets orbit the “sun” planet which is Skaia, vast body of sky, and deep within it’s atmosphere is the battlefield, a giant chess-patterned planet where the two kingdoms fight.

In other words, It is filled with symbolism and filled with vast levels of complexity. There is even one world which is symbolized as LITERALLY a game of pool. But it is all put together in an endearing way that you can’t help but love it.

Why I recommend it

Homestuck if you really get into it, will make your day. It will make your cry, it will make you laugh, and it will stay in your heart forever. However, It is not for everyone. It HAS ALOT OF WRITTING, and it requires serious concentration because several things might happen which where hiding in plain sight all along.

Homestuck is an amazing multi-media comic, and you will connect with the characters. It is currently ending but it is not too late to read. It is never to late. Because it is already here. (pun intended)